Future implications how social media will change

Imagine your refrigerator knows exactly what you like and automatically connects you to your favorite ecommerce online grocery store via your mobile phone?

Sound like a great deal of time-saving! Envisioning the future of social media is looking bright with these 6 trending predictions ahead.

Time to learn conceptual image

  1. Combining big data into useful applications
  2. Rise of ecommerce
  3. Mobility takes over
  4. Change of engagement
  5. Permission marketing
  6.  Independent platforms combining information from  several  individual social media channels

Sensors, microchips and the internet make it easy today to collect massive data. The challenge is transferring that information into useful applications. Just think about the refrigerator example.  How does a sensor know when a carton of milk is getting empty? What is the user’s preference for stocking extra ones? Would it be useful to suggest alternative products or implementing a twitter feed with deals and recipes? How should an ecommerce site embed social features and go about providing exceptional value to customers?

Mobility with the use of smart phones will be further on the rise. Companies need to focus how their ecommerce and social media site appears on a mobile phone.  This does not mean necessarily that every site needs to have a mobile application. A mobile version of a site could in fact be a better solution considering the flood of mobile apps available on the market. What is important is that content is easy to read, and pictures and layouts are suitable for a smaller screen.

Social media has matured and the prevalent goal is no longer to just connect with people. Users want to engage about topics they deeply care for or will improve their daily life. A support group for a certain illness or a resource that helps them to solve a problem in their work-life are what people look for.

With social media on the upswing, the level of advertising is increasing. People become less receptive towards unsolicited product promotions and discounts. This applies especially if it is not laser- targeted to someone’s needs. If you don’t own a dog then you don’t need coupons saving on pet food.  There is a fine line when buying advertisement space on social media platforms and promoting it to your audience in a non-invasive way. Permission marketing  is the answer.  It is the earned right to provide users with promotional information they want to receive.

With the increase and popularity of multiple social media platforms, it is impossible to be present on all of them. Each of the social media platforms has its advantages and it would be helpful to combine intelligence from each of those, generating an “information cloud”. Users looking for data on a certain topic could find resources about people to connect with, associated videos, blogs, pictures and comments independent from one platform.

What is the takeaway?

The social media landscape has changed in regards to human behavior and technology. What worked well in the early days of social media (like engaging on a lower level by liking pages and getting an update on daily events) is evolving.  Users are expecting a higher value out of their engagement. Interest groups and applications that ease daily lives will progress.  It is already clear that technology plays a major part in it. We can see examples of this today in ecommerce as they integrate social media functions. These will emerge further by combining big data and different platforms in a useful way.  Companies have to make sure that they are providing valuable engagement applications and features that are suitable for mobile phones.

What steps are you taking and how does it affect your current social media strategy?

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